Bosnak Boregi

I couldn’t find English name for the recipe I will share with you today. It may also be called Kol Boregi in Turkey.

Now, I have been living in US for 2 months. When I was in Turkey I was kind of interested in foreign cuisines mostly Biritsh, American, German and following food blogs from US, UK and German too. Now, I am homesick and I am back into the Turkish food. I discovered new Turkish food blogs. Generally I am following Devletsah, Evcini and Portakal Agacı. I recently found a website called kekevi and it became my favorite blog especially for pastry and cakes! I tried Bosnak Boregi recipe from And this borek become almost the same borek you could buy from any bakery or patisserie in Turkey. It was a suprise to me too, I wasn’t expecting that successful result before 🙂 I got 10 points out of 10 from my family.

Bosnak Boregi


For the dough: 1 cup warm water, 3-4 cups all purpose flour, 1 and half teaspoon salt.

For the spinach filling: Spinach, feta cheese black pepper.

For the potato filling: 1 onion, 3 potatos, 1/2 can tomato souce, salt and black pepper.

For the greasing: 1/2 cup olive oil and 1/2 stick of melted butter.

1) For the dough, stir together water, flour and salt in a bowl until you have smooth and soft dough.

2) Let the dough rest for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the the fillings. At first I intended to use only spinach but than I run out spinach in the middle of the filling process and quickly made potato filling.

3) For the spinach filling, wash the spinach first and chop them up. Heat the 2 Tbsp olive oil in a pan.  Add the spinach to the pan. Let them cook for about a minute by turning them over and over again continuously. Mix the cooked spinach with feta cheese. Add the black pepper. You don’t need to use salt because, the feta cheese is already salty.

Spinach and feta cheese mixture

4) For the potato filling, wash the potatos well and boil. Instead of boiling I used microwave. Smashed the potatos after they are cooked. Chop the onion into the small pieces and saute them in the pan after they are tender enough (it could take more than 10 minutes). Add tomato souce, salt and pepper. Add the onion mixture to the smashed potatos and mix them. To soften the mixture you can add a little bit milk to potato mixture.


5) Cut the dough into 3 equal pieces and round them into a ball. Take one of the balls and covered the rest of the balls with plastic. Dust the counter with flour. Put the dough ball on the counter and sprinkle over the dough with flour. Press the dough into flat disk about 1/2 inch thick and 7-8 inches in diameter.


6) Grease the whole surface of the flat disk dough with the mixture of melted butter and olive oil with brush.

Flat dough disk

7) At this point use your hands. Here is the most important part of the recipe.  Hold the dough disk from sides and gently strecth out the disk. Try to keep the disk shape. A few times streching would be enough. Finally strect out the edges only.

8) Place the filling around the circle close to the edges and cover the filling with edges of the dough as in the below picture.

Filling the dough disk

9)  Keep rolling the filling through center of the disk by strecthing the dough and grease the center a few times until you reach the center. When the dough tight enough, you will see the behind of the dough. At this point, use knife and tear the dough and finalize rolling.

Getting ready the borek

10) Place the rolled dough with filling on the greased oven tray. You can start from the center of the tray and round the dough around itself. I chose the other shape as in the picture below.

Ready to cook borek!

11) Do the same process for the remaining two dough balls.

12) Add 2 Tbsp yogurt to the remaining greasing mixture. Brush onto the borek with the mixture.

13) Bake the borek at 350 ˚F until the boreks have a nice pink color.

Bosnak Boregi

Bosnak Boregi


5 thoughts on “Bosnak Boregi

  1. How interesting that the borek looks like a rope. The “rope” would make a nice presentation at a dinner table and then you could cut the “rope” in front of the guests. Very nice!

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