Tomato Soup (Domates Corbasi)

We have sunny and very hot weather today. In this hot weather it is really hard to cook. But I don’t want to miss this beatiful tomato season and I must go to farmer’s market today. Otherwise I would miss tomatos and the local farmer’s market. We have farmer’s market on every Saturday in my neighberhood and we can find better, fresh vegetables from this market rather than usual supermarkets. So the tomatos are more like tomatos in this market.
This time I had a recipe in my mind. I have discovered the new website. It is He has also TV programmes. Last week I have watched him doing tomato soup in a way I would prefer to cook. Most of the people like tomato soup but until this time I kept my distance to tomato soup, I wasn’t really keen on. The recipe and the tomatos from the market made me cook tomato soup today. I had delicious soup at the end. I would like to share a few photos of the farmer’s market and of course some photos of the recipe.

When I was leaving the market, the young boys wanted a photo from me. I promised them to print out their photo. I hope I will!


4 big tomatos, 1 big onion, 3 garlic, fresh thyme and mint, salt, black pepper, 1 table spoon sugar, olive oil, 3,5 glasses of water, 1 glass milk, 1 table spoon butter, 1 table spoon flour.

1.  Cut the tomatos and onion  into 4 pieces.

2. Place in a large glass oven tray tomatos, onion, garlic, thyme, mint.

3. Sprinkle salt, black pepper, sugar, olive oil on to the tomato mixture pieces.

4. Place the tray (tomatos) in to the 220˚C preheated oven and cook about 30 minutes.

5. Use the hand blender to get all the cooked ingredients into the puree. Before using the blender you can take the skin out of the tomatos and some stalks of the thyme or you can use strainer after the puree to get rid of the skins and stalks. I prefer to have the soup with the small parts in it.

6. Put the butter and flour in to the pot. Cook them until you smell the cooked flour.

7. Add the puree, 3.5 glasses of hot water and the milk to the pot.

8. Add a little bit more salt and pepper if you want.

9. Cook for extra 10 minutes.


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