Unbelivable Pattern of Red Cabbage

I like red (black) cabbage in a salad!! I was doing my salad and I was shocked once again with its pattern. I have to share it!! 3 more photos are next:) I just couldn’t stop myself adding more!!! Someone should stop meeee!!!! I don’t know why I am so amazed!! Advertisements

Spaghetti with Celery-Root Sauce

I have bought celery root without knowing what to do it. After a few days I haven’t found anything to do yet. Today I wanted to eat spaghetti. When I see the celery in the refrigretor, I quickly made up a recipe without knowing the end but of course guessing what it would be. My…

Pumpkin-Swirl Brownies

Pumpkin season has started and this year I don’t want to miss doing some recipes with pumpkin. This vegetable atracks me with the color and the taste. So I like having it in my refrigrator, and smelling when I take it from the oven!! Expriencing pumpkin has just started. I have first done pumpkin puree.…

Welcome to winter 2011!

Last week I have felt the fall came with all cold!! But today eventhough the weather is suny, I amĀ  happenned to eat mandarine..When I taste it, I felt the winter has come!!! Welcome to juicy, sour and exciting winter!!!