Time to Cook!

This blog will be about everything related cooking, food, eating. I will try to cook as much as possible for you and me and share all my exprience here with you.

I really like traditional recipes such as my grandmother’s and my mother’s recipes as well as classical Turkish food. However I prefer searching food blogs and like choosing randomly something and cooking it. So you could find any recipes from all over world.

Please welcome and enjoy with Notes from Kitchen!!


One thought on “Time to Cook!

  1. Food, the center of life…
    And feeding, the meaning of life..

    So, the cooking is the path from the center of life to the meaning of life. Some steps of the cooking passes from the kitchen. And a person like me, who loves preparing meals, reaches nirvana when a successful food is cooked. Also awaiting hungry person/people foments creativity of the cook while cooking.

    The kitchen is a recreative place for the people who breathes while cooking..

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